There are four Out & Equal Advisory Committees designed to bring a unique set of individual skills, perspectives and experiences that complement the mission of Out & Equal.  Members consist of individuals who are thought leaders, play an active role in their community and are dedicated to LGBTQ workplace equality.  Each committee meets on a bi-monthly basis and works as a group to make recommendations, provide key information and identify opportunities for Out & Equal to best exemplify the qualities and needs of our diverse community


Bisexual Advisory Committee

The Bisexual Advisory Committee is dedicated to raising awareness, acceptance and understanding of people who identify as bisexual and reducing bisexual erasure in the workplace.   As an Advisory Committee, this group works to build a safe space and fill gaps of knowledge through education, networking and increasing visibility in support of Out & Equal programming and events.

Global Advisory Committee

Building on more than 10 years of experience in the global arena, Out & Equal has expanded its Global Initiatives program to provide new leadership and support for multinational companies and NGOs to advance LGBT workplace equality on a global scale.  The Global Advisory Committee is an important source of leadership and guidance on how Out & Equal engages globally to advance LGBT workplace equality.  Membership is by invitation from Out & Equal.

People of Color Advisory Committee

The People of Color Advisory Committee exists to support People of Color and raise awareness to the different experiences of those within the LGBT community.  By developing strategies to ensure that programs and services model representation of racial and ethnic minorities, this Committee demonstrates that intersectionality is at the forefront of true diversity and inclusion.  The PoC Advisory Committee works to support Out & Equal programming and events.

Transgender Advisory Committee

The Transgender Advisory Committee is a primary source of leadership, direction and visibility for transgender and gender non-conforming employees.  Our goal is to address contemporary issues such as gender expression discrimination, transitioning policies and guidelines, equitable health benefits and career advancement in support of Out & Equal programming and events.

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